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Medizinische Zentren

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Alyn Children's Hospital, Alyn is Israel's only orthopaedic hospital and rehabilitation center for physically handicapped children suffering either from crippling diseases or from trauma after accidents, regardless of religion or ethnic background, (Verbindung zum Server kann etwas dauern).
  • "HaUniversitah haIvrith" - Hadassah Faculty of Medicine, Jerusalem
    Eingangsseite zur "Fakultät für medizinische Wissenschaften"der "Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem". (School of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Community Medicine and Nursing).
    Hadassah Medical Organisation, Chagall Synagogue...
  • RaMBaM Medical Center, Haifah (Technion)
  • Sackler Medical School, Tel-Aviv.
  • Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, 500 bed acute-care hospital comprising a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Medizinische Organisationen und Selbsthilfegruppen

MedPharm Ethik

  • Duty and Healing, Foundations of a Jewish Bioethic.
  • Institute For Jewish Medical Ethics, San Francisco (USA).

    Weitere Online Services

  • Herba Plus, Koshere Naturheilmittel. Die Seite enthaelt ausserdem die 10 Regeln des RaMBaM zur Gesundheit.
  • Pharmateam
  • SoftWatch provides revolutionary software products enabling users to manage personal health, lifestyle and medical information.
  • Terrapin Holisitic Medicine, provides an alternative model for a medicine which is introverted, rather than extroverted, whose aim is the achievement of inner peace and harmony rather than external destruction and suppression, and which emphasizes the alignment of the microcosm (the human being) with the macrocosm (the universe at large). Online homoeopathic consultations...

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